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Featured Speaker: Anil Saboo, Google

Organisations worldwide are investing trillions to become more data-driven, yet only 8% manage to successfully harness value from their data. Unfortunately banks are no exception. They have enormous amounts of customer data at their disposal, yet very few fully optimise the value of this resource.

In order for financial institutions to truly meet consumer demands and remain competitive, a cultural shift in approach, process and attitudes toward data is imperative.

With expert insights from Anil Saboo, Head of Financial Services Partnerships at Google and Eelco Boonstra, Managing Director EMEA at Mambu, we look beyond the technology and examine the key drivers behind building a successful, data-driven financial institution.

  • Anil Saboo

    Head of Financial Services Partnerships, Google

  • Eelco-Jan Boonstra

    Managing Director EMEA, Mambu

  • from 02:06

    Why should banks care about being data- driven?

  • from 06:05

    The key steps to building and then nurturing a data-driven culture.

  • from 09:56

    How to keep a data-driven approach authentic?

  • from 16:48

    Best practices for a stronger data-driven mindset.

  • from 21:41

    Will a post covid world see a greater focus on data-driven mindsets?

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