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Featured Speaker: Matthew Williamson, Mobiquity

The marketplace has morphed significantly around how consumers are engaging with their financial institutions as a whole. Bank branches are no longer just banks; they’re cafes, grocery stores, clothing stores, car dealerships and so much more. So why do we need banks if we can do banking almost everywhere?

Joined by experts Matt Williamson, VP of Global Financial Services, at Mobiquity and Elliott Limb, CCO at Mambu, we answer this big question and delve deeper into the realities of what it takes to be a bank in 2021.

  • Matthew Williamson

    Global VP of Financial Services, Mobiquity Inc.

  • Elliott Limb

    Chief Customer Officer, Mambu

  • from 03:27

    Does the world still need banks: A fair question

  • from 06:15

    Why is banking changing faster than banks are?

  • from 12:22

    Prediction on the future of banks.

  • from 18:43

    What should banks be doing right now?

  • from 24:19

    How to influence mindset change from within.

  • from 34:34

    Advice for the risk avoiders.

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