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From banker, to consultant to author, Meaghan discusses the book launches of former bankers and consultants, Alessandro Hatami, Theodora Lau and Duncan Knowles. In the first part of the episode, the authors discuss what motivated them, their natural progression, and some of the challenges. In the second part, the authors discuss in detail where financial services are going, the need for gender equality and diversity, and who stands to be disrupted in the ever changing world of digital banking.


Theodora Lau

Theodora Lau

Author: Beyond Good: How Technology is Leading a Purpose-driven Business Revolution

Theodora (Theo) Lau is the founder of Unconventional Ventures, a public speaker, and an advisor. She is the co-author of Beyond Good, and co-host of One Vision, a podcast on fintech and innovation. She is also a regular contributor for top industry events and publications, including Harvard Business Review and Nikkei Asian Review.

Alessandro Hatami

Alessandro Hatami

Author: Reinventing Banking and Finance

Alessandro is the founder of advisory firm, specialising in driving digital transformation in financial services and banking. He has delivered digital transformation at firms such as the Lloyds Banking Group, PayPal UK, and GE Capital. He is a Non-Exec at Cashplus bank, mentor and investor in several early-stage tech companies. Alessandro is well-known in European fintech and is a frequent speaker at events across the globe. His latest book “Reinventing Banking and Finance” was rated Best Book on Banking of 2021 by Investopedia in the US.

Duncan Knowles

Duncan Knowles

Author: Banking Matters: An essential guide to commercial banking in an age of disruption

Duncan acquired his extensive knowledge of banking through over 20 years delivering creative and practical solutions to complex issues in banking-related businesses across the world, during which time he worked closely with both retail and corporate banks in over 30 countries. Originally trained as a mathematician, he maintains an active interest in the mathematical underpinnings of new technology used in banking, from blockchain to machine learning.

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