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Rock & Roar: The link between music and fintech

On this episode

Jay Haynes, founder of and Kevin Trilli, CPO at Mambu, who also happen to be live music fans from way back when explain how innovations in technology, and a revolution in product roadmapping can help revive fan-economies and ensure that creativity and innovation don’t come at a cost to customer centricity.


Kevin Trilli, Chief Product Officer, Mambu

Kevin Trilli

Chief Product Officer, Mambu

Kevin has been a product leader for over 20 years across domains such as security, identity, and machine learning in B2B, SaaS and enterprise companies. At Mambu Kevin is leading the efforts in building and expanding our platform based on the needs and opportunities in the market.

Jay Haynes, Founder & CEO,

Jay Haynes

Founder & CEO,

Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) is a valuable tool for product managers and innovators, and there are different thoughts on how to actually put it into practice. Jay has innovated in the field by creating the first and only JTBD software for product, marketing, and sales teams, founding THRV (pronounced Thrive). Jay has three decades of innovation experience and has helped Microsoft, Dropbox, eBay, Twitter, American Express, Oracle and others.

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