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Featured Speaker: Niels Mærkedahl, McKinsey

Banking transformation is not new, but there is now a heightened urgency for traditional banks to modernise not only their technology, but their mindset and culture.

Transformation is complex - McKinsey estimates that less than 30% of these banking transformations are successful. What is it that’s going wrong and how can you ensure the success of your own transformation project?

To explore this critical challenge and determine some best practices, Niels Mærkedahl, Associate Partner from McKinsey & Company and Justus Roux, Solution Engineering Manager for Mambu, join us and share their combined 30+ years of experience in banking transformation. They share key do’s and don’ts and lessons learned from banking transformation projects around the world.

  • Niels Mærkedahl

    Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

  • Justus Roux

    Solutions Engineer Manager EMEA, Mambu

  • from 01:59

    Why does banking transformation seem to be a continuous process?

  • from 03:34

    Banking transformation misconceptions.

  • from 05:11

    What are the top 3 reasons that transformation efforts fall short in some traditional banks?

  • from 10:42

    The role of culture in banking transformation.

  • from 16:48

    The role of technology in banking transformation.

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