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What makes people tick and not click

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How and why has ‘customer-centricity’ become so synonymous with fintech, and have we yet reached the sweet spot between technology and personalisation? We sit down with Chief of Staff to Mambu’s CEO Sabrina Dar, and innovation specialist Pete Trainor as we dig into the intersection of health & wealth.


Sabrina Dar

Sabrina Dar

Chief of Staff to the CEO, Mambu

Having worked across three continents and multiple functions and roles during her 21 years at Cisco, Sabrina now helps to deliver on Mambu's global growth expansion plan. As an integrator and communicator, she is focused on priority initiatives for the CEO and the wider business.

Pete Trainor

Pete Trainor

Author, Product designer, Technologist

Pete Trainor is a product designer, innovator, entrepreneur, best-selling author, Men’s Health spokesperson, suicide prevention campaigner and one of the UK’s leading voices on the ethical use of technology. He has spent the last 15 years helping people and businesses discover the real value of their data by leveraging emerging technologies to help make life more human-centric and meaningful.

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