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ank, an Argentinian fintech by Grupo Itaú Unibanco, has adopted Mambu’s cloud-native technology for banking and lenders, to support its vision of providing an innovative financial product that helps people simplify their finances.

Mambu will provide ank with the enhanced agility, speed and flexibility of its cloud-native platform in order to increase its growing userbase and achieve the stated goal of ank of providing a simple, intuitive, secure and free way to send money between people, eliminating the time and stress generated by managing multiple bank accounts, complex keys that expire, password cards or tokens.

Founded in 2019, ank provides solutions for banked people who want to manage their finances in a simple, intuitive and secure way. ank is the first open app that allows you to send money from any bank to any bank account or virtual wallet in the country. The Mambu platform was chosen by ank due to its configuration flexibility, high availability, ease of integration and low maintenance.

“The alliance with Mambu allowed us to maintain the agility we want in ank, permitting us to start from a proof of concept and reach the final product in just 3 months, with quality, robustness and safety. The technical team enjoyed performing the integration, a word that is not usually associated with a core banking,” commented Gustavo Arjones, CTO of ank.

“In these times when we have a plethora of digital financial solutions spawning, ank stands out from the pack due to its ability to simplify people’s finances by providing a secure, intuitive platform that can be used to send money to any bank account or digital wallet in the country,” says Edgardo Torres-Caballero, Managing Director for Latin America at Mambu.

We are pleased to provide ank with our leading cloud-native technology, which will serve the platform with significant agility and flexibility as it expands throughout Argentina.
Edgardo Torres-Caballero
Managing Director LATAM, Mambu

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