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Financiera Dann Regional, a Colombian bank specializing in corporate and consumer finance, selected Mambu to power IRIS, the country’s first 100% digital bank for SMEs.

Financiera Dann Regional deployed IRIS, its first commercial neo-bank spinoff, in an unprecedented timeframe for the traditional banking sector using Mambu’s SaaS digital platform. IRIS, powered by FDR, broke further ground as Colombia’s first purely digital banking for SMEs. IRIS is transparent, secure, and tailored to offer financial services to a historically underserved sector: Colombia’s small and medium-sized businesses. Its corporate customers can now open online savings accounts from anywhere in the country. They can also transfer funds between IRIS and other bank accounts, make vendor and payroll payments, schedule automatic transactions, and receive digital statements. Mambu is currently helping IRIS finalize additional capabilities to provide its clients a full stack financial product suite.

We are very pleased to keep working with Mambu. It has helped us deploy Colombia’s first digital bank for SMEs.
Lorenzo Garavito
CEO at IRIS & Financiera Dann

“We are very pleased to keep working with Mambu. It has helped us deploy Colombia’s first digital bank for SMEs. We are reaching out to the country’s traditionally underserved sector with solutions that are not only easy, but also scalable and effective, allowing us to provide a wide array of value-added services to our clients”, said Lorenzo Garavito, CEO at IRIS & Financiera Dann.

Mambu’s partnership with Financiera Dann Regional further affirms its position as a leader in Latin America’s financial sector with its cloud-native SaaS subscription-based platform. Mambu allows Financiera Dann Regional to expeditiously scale its growth and enables agile SME product design and launches. As the global leader in digitalization, Mambu is committed to providing the most innovative cloud services that always meet and exceed its clients’ and their customers’ expectations.

“We are very excited to continue expanding our relationship with Financiera Dann Regional to power IRIS, Colombia’s neobank for SMEs that provides digital financial products to the business sector. Our cloud-native platform provides the flexibility, agility, and speed financial institutions need to construct full suites of cutting edge digital financial services. As the world’s only true SaaS cloud digital banking platform, we can design, deploy, and scale clients’ projects faster and more securely than any other company on the market,” said Edgardo Torres-Caballero, Managing Director of Mambu Latin America.

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