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Banks can outpace the market and realise new economics.

With the world of banking services undergoing significant changes, a sense of fatigue is emerging among companies that very urgently need to change, but have not been built for it.

However, digital fatigue does not only stem from big banks’ setbacks and disappointments as they pursue their transformation strategies.

Since the pandemic, fintechs' customer base and their expectations have expanded at a faster pace, increasing banks’ need to speed up their digital transformations.

This article explores three strategies that some of the world’s biggest banks are deploying in order to become more agile and consumer centric.

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Economist Impact Mambu report

  • 42%

    of Americans use at least one fintech app.

  • 21%

    opened a new account with a digital bank.

Read the full report on how digital transformation strategies should aim to disrupt the way banks work, not just digitise their existing processes: Combatting digital transformation fatigue: Lessons for banks from their digital-only challengers.

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Economist Impact report Mambu

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