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BNPL has disrupted the purchase finance market

This report provides expert insight on what it takes to launch a BNPL proposition including:

  • Key indicators of attractive BNPL markets
  • The BNPL business case for banks and retailers
  • The four different BNPL business models and their strategic implications
  • Five key design principles that optimise success
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Deloitte and Mambu BNPL infographic
Our step-by-step action plan outlines the processes, tech, and skills needed to build and roll out a successful BNPL proposition, making it the ideal guide for banks and retailers seeking to ride the BNPL wave and get in front.

Banks and retailers seeking to introduce BNPL offerings should choose partners which give them a head-start by leveraging their flexible technology solutions and domain expertise.

Read how BNPL can unlock growth for banks and retailers in our full report, The Deloitte and Mambu guide to Buy Now, Pay Later.

Download the report
The Deloitte and Mambu guide to Buy Now, Pay Later cover