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Finextra’s ‘The Future of Digital Banking in the UK’ report explores how digital transformation is a commitment and an ongoing journey for financial services. However, the progress and success of digital transformation looks different for different banks.

Gaining insights from industry experts at financial institutions such as SaltEdge, Lloyds Bank, OakNorth and Santander, the report follows the trends emerging in digital transformation, what consumers can expect to see from their financial institution, and how banking services in the UK can keep up the pace.

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The future of digital banking UK

The digital revolution

There’s no question about it, digital transformation is happening. Consumers' needs are constantly changing and this requires ongoing evolution from banking providers. However, it’s important to remember that this is an ongoing commitment for financial services. More banking providers, even traditional players, will transfer to cloud services and consumers will soon have chatbots and hyper-personalised services as a standard.

We can expect:

Evolving services

Evolving services

Financial services will continue to evolve and develop with the consumers needs. The pandemic was a testament to the agility of our banks in the UK.


Cloud infrastructure

Traditional players will realise the benefits, for the business and consumers, of transferring to cloud services powered by the likes of AWS, Google Cloud & Microsoft Azure.


Personalisation through AI

It won’t be uncommon for consumers to see their services increasingly personalised via the use of ever evolving technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The cloud is steadily becoming all empowering in banking and financial services. Elevated by the need for digital transformation, cloud infrastructure accounts for one-third of IT spending in banks.
Richard Morgans
General Manager UKI, Mambu

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