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Savvy customers are no longer staying with their financial institutions in the hopes that they’ll eventually offer the products and services they want. In fact, many have accounts at multiple institutions to meet their varying needs. With end-users leading the way in so many industries, what will the future hold for the financial space?

In this discussion, our experts

  • Reflected on how customers navigate saving, spending, and investing in today’s landscape
  • Pointed out the latest trends in this industry and beyond - from Buy Now, Pay Later to ultra personalized products
  • Placed their bets on what the customer experience will look like in the future


  • Johanna Pugh, Managing Director, North America, Mambu
  • Bipin Sahni, Chief Strategy Officer, Persistent Systems
  • Gagan Kanjlia, Chief Product Officer, Silicon Valley Bank
  • Clark Khayat, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer, KeyCorp/KeyBank