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On-demand webinar: Mambu + PwC + Credit Kudos in collaboration with Fintech Finance

Together, with our friends at PwC and Credit Kudos, we met to discuss what it means to “Buy now, pay later” in this age of digital payment solution adaptation. Watch our on-demand session to hear Simon Westcott (Partner at PwC Strategy&), James Bryce-Lind (Business Development Manager at Credit Kudos) and Laurel Wolfe (VP of Marketing at Mambu) discuss the benefits and risks, as well as, how retailers may adopt some of these alternative payment solutions.

Here at Mambu -- we are the SaaS cloud banking platform that helps fuel these alternative, agile payment solutions. Our composable approach means we can work quickly to design and build nearly any type of financial offering for banks of all sizes, lenders, fintechs, retailers, telcos and more. Working alongside best in class partners like PwC and learning from the unique perspectives of Credit Kudos -- we are ready to power change for financial trailblazers everywhere.