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To stay ahead of your competitors, watch webinar to learn about how the financial services industry is responding to the opportunity - and the challenges - of cloud technology and innovative new software players in Japan. Industry experts from AWS, Mambu, NTT Data as well as guest speakers from McKinsey and Orange Bank will discuss how bank and non-bank strategies are being shaped by rapidly evolving market conditions.

Webinar: Future of Digital Banking in Japan

  • Key takeaways:
  • How COVID-19 has driven banking clients to accelerate their digitisation efforts.
  • Recent cloud use cases and how AWS can manage security requirements in the banking sector.
  • New-generation core-banking platforms.
  • Key technologies to accelerate digitisation in financial reformation.
  • Hear from Narciso Perales, CEO of Orange Bank on his experience in building a successful digital bank.

Meet the speakers:

  • Tetsuo Iida, Head of Financial Services Business Development - Japan, Amazon Web Services Japan KK
  • Michihiko Kurokawa, Partner, McKinsey Tokyo
  • Takuya Matsumoto, Partner, McKinsey Tokyo
  • Elliott Limb, Chief Customer Officer, Mambu
  • Miwako Kawahara, Manager, Business Development Office, Second Financial Sector, NTT Data
  • Narciso Perales, CEO, Orange Bank

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