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What is the future of embedded finance? Find out how we envision the evolution of embedded payment solutions. Watch our on-demand webinar 'Building up Banking' - Powered by Mambu + CREATIVE CONSTRUCTION. In collaboration with Fintech Finance.

Mambu imagines the future state of financial services becoming an essential part for companies in every sector - transportation, retail, hospitality, healthcare, education and telecom. Going forward, finance will be embedded deep inside businesses rather than being a service consumed independently. However, the concept of embedded finance is not new, it is just that the way we use it that has evolved.

But how can financial services be implemented as simply as possible and, in the best case, completely imperceptibly?

In our on-demand webinar, Michael Pierce from Mambu speaks together with Agnieszka M. Walorska from CREATIVE CONSTRUCTION and Florian Redeker from Solarisbank about the topic of embedded finance, how seamless customer experiences can be facilitated or how customers are currently experiencing them as well as what developments there are currently or will be in the near future in this area.