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Leveraging Digital Core Banking Systems: Next-Level Banking

Predicting the future of banking is more uncertain than ever before.

New competitors arise daily, from neobanks and fintechs, to embedded financing solutions delivered by big tech, retailers and telcos, all of whom are offering digital banking services.

Download this white paper, sponsored by Mambu, to find out how a new breed of digital core banking providers can deliver a multiple core solution, allowing you to respond to change and succeed.

More about multiple core solution

IDC recently interviewed a number of banks in Southeast Asia to discover how they view the future of core banking in their organisations, and how they plan to achieve the promise of digital banking.

Four key takeaways emerged:

  • The challenge for incumbent, long-standing banks in this region, whose core banking systems are more than 20 years old, is to deliver on the promise without breaking the bank in the process.
  • SE Asian banks are risk-averse and value the ongoing role of legacy core banking.
  • Banks clearly understand the need, promise, and value of digital core banking.
  • They want to use both legacy and modern core banking together.

This white paper, sponsored by Mambu, looks at the choices and challenges of incumbent banks faced with legacy core banking systems, and how a new banking model can enable them to become a digitally-enabled bank.

Read this white paper, sponsored by Mambu


Leveraging Digital Core Banking Systems

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