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Mortgages powered by Mambu

Mambu puts your real estate mortgage solution ahead of the curve.

Be first to respond to customer and market needs. Design, build and launch new mortgage lending products 80% faster with our SaaS platform, APIs and composable approach.

Differentiate products and delight borrowers

Give customers the right mortgage products that meet their needs perfectly. Use a wealth of functions and features to effortlessly customise products on demand. And automate processes from loan origination and approval to disbursement and servicing with seamless API-integration to best-in-class ecosystem providers.

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Innovate and change at speed.

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    New solutions in minutes

    Our composable architecture and extensive list of APIs enables the launch of highly innovative retail mortgage products in minutes instead of months. Attract borrowers with next level digital mortgage experiences, achieve fast time-to-revenue and reduce mortgage churn.

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    Flexibility on demand

    Out-of-the-box features enable retail mortgage lenders respond instantly to changing needs and market trends. Redefine rescheduling or refinancing loan terms to beat the competition. Change interest rates on demand. And react fast to account delinquency and loan forbearance in times of crisis.

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    Cut effort, error and cost

    Automate loan approval and servicing with our exhaustive list of APIs that seamlessly integrate with best-in-class ecosystem partners. Loan origination and approval processes that took days now take less than an hour. Automated loan disbursement removes manual processes and errors, potentially saving millions in remediation costs.

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    Integrate and automate

    With Mambu you can configure the optimal borrower experience for your real estate mortgage product. Using our APIs, you can integrate with the best ecosystem providers to automate processes from loan origination, approval, disbursement and servicing, reducing manual work and eliminating costly errors.

The immediate benefits of our new lending platform, powered by Mambu, are obvious in terms of improved efficiencies and better broker and borrower experiences.
Campbell Smyth
CEO, Bluestone

Endless configurations for more choice and optimal borrower experiences

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    • principal & interest
    • interest-only
    • part-and-part
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    Reduced interest facilities

    • offset against savings
    • redraw facility
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    Interest rates

    • fixed interest
    • variable interest
    • adjustable interest
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    Expanded use cases

    Test and deliver a variety of mortgage use cases including:

    • purchase of residential real estate
    • construction & home renovation
    • remortgaging
    • prolongation
    • purchase of investment property (buy-to-let)
    • reverse mortgages