Eugene Danilkis
Co-Founder & CEO, Mambu

Our CEO discusses taking world impacting changes in your stride and continuing to grow. Eugene also talks future view, evolution and how to help companies deliver via high velocity operating model.

Market & lending insights

Sjors Van Der Zee
Partner, Bain & Company

Join this top strategy practitioner for insights on how companies are innovating embedded lending to meet the needs of consumers, and get ahead of where they are going.


Fernando Zandona
Chief Product & Technology Officer, Mambu

Our tech leader discuss how we are clearing the path for high-velocity companies in finance and beyond. Get product and platform updates, and a preview of what we're building in 2023.

Spotlight on customer onboarding

Thierno Diallo
VP Delivery & Onboarding, Mambu

We are continually enhancing the customer experience, helping them refine, execute and evolve their vision - and make the most of the Mambu environment. Learn about the next evolution in our on boarding proocess.

Ascending in lending

Elena Davydova
Product Director, Mambu

The global digital lending platform market is expected to reach €20 bn by 2027. Our task is to ensure that we are keeping pace with the market by augmenting and expanding our products. In this session we review our progress and future plans in lending.

Customer story

Carrie Forbes
CEO, League Data

League Data is the CIO and technology partner for the Atlantic Canadian credit unions. Hear their modernisation story as they are moving thousands of members to the cloud.

More bank for your buck

Monica Velasquez
Solution Engineer, Mambu

About 76% of the world has at least one bank account. Add in the number of business accounts and you see the market isn’t going away. The difference is how money is stored. Join us to look at product enhancements and future plans in daily banking.

Customer stories

Nika Kurdiani
CEO, Space International

Tanya Andreasyan
Editor-in-chief, Fintech Futures

Harald Schaschinger
Head of Retail IT, Raiffeisen Digital Bank

Customers are no longer satisfied with uninspiring banking products. Luckily for banks, with the right technology, experimentation, innovation and evolution is just a few clicks away. Our speakers share what it's like to build a modern bank, and examine prevailing opportunities and challenges in the financial sector.

Spotlight on solutions

Kishan Nair
Senior Director, Product Partnerships, Mambu

For a global company, taking cues from individual regions allows for dynamic solutions that fit the needs of many while gaining knowledge which can be extended to future developments. Listen as we pinpoint recent projects that answer specific regional requirements.

What's next for sustainability?

Anna Krotova
Director, Sustainability, Mambu

What does it mean to be future proof in a world full of challenges - from the climate crisis, poverty and inequality, to pandemics, and global security. See how Mambu is gearing up to help our customers respond to these challenges through bespoke sustainable finance products.

Customer story

Simon de la Rey
COO, Platcorp Holdings Ltd

Edith Nyaga
Head of Innovation and Development, Platcorp Holdings Ltd

Making a real difference to financial inclusion in Africa requires a wide reach and presence in many countries. In this session you’ll learn how having the right partner enabled Platcorp to expand into new markets and verticals, strengthen its competitive edge through innovation, and deliver unparalleled customer experience.