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Kata Software


Kata Software focuses on solving integrated customer onboarding scenarios for financial institutions and Fintechs in Latin America with an integrated origination suite including orchestration, mobility and virtual assistant capabilities.

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Kata Software provides the following solutions and services for financial institutions and fintechs in Spanish speaking Latin America:

  • Customer onboarding solutions for digital, traditional and hybrid (assisted scenarios), including:
    • Engine, a SaaS onboarding omni-channel, parallel processing orchestration and process platform.
    • Mobile, a SaaS field force automation platform focused on financial field workers.
    • Constanza, a Saas digital assistant platform focused on financial services and the spanish language.
  • Custom onboarding front-end full lifecycle development services with 300 engineers in 3 locations (CDMX, Bogota & Caracas)
  • Mambu core implementation services

Kata Software’s SaaS platforms integrate with Mambu to enable very rapid complete product implementation including the complete customer journey from origination (Engine) to product management and transactions (Mambu).

Kata Software’s solutions are built with the same cloud-first, API based, highly flexible philosophy and complete the promise of agility delivering highly customisable onboarding solutions.

Last but not least, the professional services arm of Kata Software, with 300+ engineers across 3 key locations in Latin America can provide implementation services and custom front-end development to complete solutions for customers around Mambu as needed.

Kata Software was formerly known as Formiik. With 100+ clients in 8 countries, delivering 50 million client interactions per year, Kata Software is a well proven partner.

Kata Software powers customers like Banco W, Banco Pichincha, Quito, Fundeser & Te Creemos.

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