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Torry Harris Integration Solutions


Torry Harris Integration Solutions (THIS) is a multinational provider of IT consulting, technology, and systems integration services. For over two decades, the company is focused on integration to digitally enable banks and financial companies, specifically in API management, legacy modernization, digital ecosystem enablement and digital marketplace strategies. To know more, visit​

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Torry Harris Integration Solutions (THIS) enables meaningful digital ecosystems through adoption and use of API driven digital opportunities. We are a trusted advisor to banks and financial companies worldwide, helping them extend the power of digital access through integration. As a recognized leader in API Strategy and delivery, we bring over two decades of focused expertise in accelerating enterprise digital transformation initiatives, API Management, legacy modernization, cloud-native enablement, digital ecosystem enablement and digital marketplace strategies. We are headquartered in New Jersey, USA with offices in UK, Ireland, France, Germany, UAE and India.

Customers tend to be enterprises looking for integration strategies, standardized, agile implementation services to roll out new initiatives and tap new channels to market.

Vision & Mission

"To enable purposeful digital ecosystems through adoption and use of API driven digital opportunities that make a critical difference to businesses."

Our Products

  • DigitMarketTM API Manager - A complete package to help manage your APIs. It offers you a secure API Gateway, Authentication Server, Developer Portal and an API Publisher Portal
  • DigitMarketTM Marketplace - Marketplace-in-a-box framework to launch your branded digital marketplace in less than 4 months, with multi-vendor support
  • Legacy to Cloud Native Kit–helps you build standardized, cloud native software components, retain your legacy differentiators
  • RepoPro™ - an enterprise repository tool that helps you simplify storage and track your assets
  • IoT Glue® - is a mobile enabled IoT integration platform that allows you to monetize IoT investments by seamlessly gluing disparate things together. It provides a simple, drag-and-drop interface and has an affordable redistribution license model to bundle it as your own branded offering
  • Automaton™ – A no-code testing automation tool with a visual flow-chart based design interface. The tool has a rich set of APIs that helps integrate with popular CI tools like Jenkins
  • AutoStub®- a tool to reduce build time by quickly designing, prototyping, documenting

Benefits of Integration with Mambu

  • Legacy modernization strategy and services to enable customers to seamlessly migrate to Mambu’s SaaS banking platform
  • Toolkits to accelerate customer movement to a cloud-native environment. E.g. Legacy to cloud-native kit, API factory model, microservices frameworks, DevOps and CI/CD frameworks
  • Systems integration services to fit Mambu platform into the customer IT estate
  • Leveraging Mambu’s SaaS banking platform with Torry Harris’ marketplace banking accelerators - Concierge Bank™ and DigitMarketTM Digital Marketplace, a marketplace-in-a-box, for a quicker go-to-market.
Forging Digital Ecosystems
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