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Ready, set, greenfield!

Raiffeisen Digital Bank (RDB) is a provider of consumer financial services under the Austrian-based banking group Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI), a brand with a rich history of 135 years, and a true testament to security and stability.

To take its traditional services to new frontiers, the banking group sought to digitise and grow its product range from legacy technology to cloud-native solutions. RDB launched a greenfield digital retail bank in Poland to offer modern financial experiences to digitally-native customers.

9 months time-to-market

The flexibility of Mambu's cloud banking platform has enabled RDB to build and deploy quickly, reducing development costs while meeting the strategic goal to better serve customers.

Powered by Mambu’s lending engine; RDB offers the best personalised products for customers in the region, offering personal loans of up to €32,000 in 15 minutes with just an ID card - all from a mobile device. This equips RDB with an edge in the market, enabling them to out-perform regional competitors by loan value and onboarding experience.

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Raiffeisen Digital Bank

Plug-in integrations for simple, streamlined and automated customer journeys

Configure and integrate, instead of coding and customising

Harness the power of the cloud instead of maintaining on-premise data centres

Constantly improve and be nimble, ready for change as it happens

With Mambu, RDB can:

We knew that only an advanced cloud-native technology would give us the competitive edge and the ability to reach new markets rapidly.
Jakub Malach
Head of Lending

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Mambu's cloud banking platform enables modern financial experiences. With our composable technology, hundreds of financial powerhouses and fintech disruptors around the world have shifted to a high velocity operating model to offer products and services that align with their customers' values and ethics.

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