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People, diversity and inclusion

We support Mambuvians to achieve their very best within and outside of the formal work environment, and empower our communities to become more resilient to the rapidly changing world around them. We encourage everyone at Mambu to have a growth mindset, to personally drive sustainability, to focus on health and well-being, to be compassionate and kind as leaders and to be continually thinking about how we can create a more inclusive future for all.

4 Day Work Week.

Since 2015, we have run a four-day work schedule in the Summer - every employee can take a paid day off every week from June to August. With this initiative, we have hoped to create more space for our employees to rest, spend time with family and community, and dedicate time to less resource-consuming activities. Mambuvians have taken a great advantage of this initiative to enjoy nature, spend time with their loved ones, and explore their talents and hobbies - see some photos below!

Exploring wreck sites in Plymouth, UK
Exploring wreck sites in Plymouth, UK
Homemade cinnamon rolls
Creating another culinary masterpiece
Painting of the forest
Painting inspired by a day off in the forest
Arts & crafts
Doing some arts and crafts
hiking on the mountain in Romania
Hiking in Romania with family
DIY - building a green roof
DIY - building a green roof
a laser cut candle built from microelectronics
Building a laser cut candle from microelectronics
Our Miami team volley-balling away
Our Miami team volley-balling away
Taking kids out to learn essential professions
Taking kids out to learn essential professions
Racing away on a bike
Racing away on a bike
Harvesting vegetables from the garden
Harvesting vegetables from the garden
Trekking around Singapore's wetland reserve
Trekking around Singapore's wetland reserve

A culture where everyone belongs.

At Mambu, we are committed to create a culture where everyone belongs. We believe in full-spectrum diversity, inclusive of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, nationality, religion, background, and culture. It’s this rich mix of diverse strengths, experiences, and perspectives that makes for better teams and business results.

Our diversity numbers.

We seek to have diverse teams where every Mambuvian feels welcome, recognised, treated fairly and with kindness, and we collaborate as one Mambu. So far in 2022, we've held a number of events promoting our values on diversity and inclusion, including discussions with our CEO and other executive leaders, sponsored by our Women @Mambu network, and an event to mark Pride month in June. Our Belonging @Mambu policy outlines the standards we set for ourselves, and we promote inclusive leadership through learnings offered to all Mambuvians.

Cultural ambassadors.

Since 2019, we've grown threefold and keep counting. The pandemic created a working environment where new joiners had to integrate into the organisation digitally and colleagues who worked in agile, high-collaboration and co-creation teams had to adapt to radically different working circumstances.

In 2020, we created our Cultural Ambassadors program in which a group of Mambuvians is elected to lead initiatives to promote social cohesion, offer feedback in local and global projects and support new joiners navigating the nuances of our Culture. They’ve been instrumental in supporting us adjust our processes, onboard dozens of Mambuvians remotely and ensuring that the feeling of belonging to a global team remains strong.

Supporting our communities.

  • donation

    Since 2018, we organise internal fundraising activities and direct the proceeds to organisations and programs that support youth from rural areas with continued education opportunities.

  • internship program

    Our office in Romania hosts a Mambu Summer Internship program where our engineering teams mentor students from computer science backgrounds to help them become software engineers.

  • fundraising

    During COVID-19, our Singapore office has raised funds to purchase medical equipment for the community heavily affected by the pandemic.

Who we support.

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