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N26 Case Study

How N26 achieved rapid expansion utilising Mambu’s cloud banking platform: Enabling a new generation of banks to achieve scale and effect change.

The rise of a digital banking pioneer

Research house, Informa, took a deeper look at this digital banking pioneer and examined how N26, using Mambu’s cloud banking platform, made the transition from newly-launched single-market entity to Europe’s first pan-regional mobile bank.

Informa found that N26 had three key differentiators when building the bank that helped elevate its approach:

  • Clarity of vision in terms of the development requirements for the platform, what it would keep in-house and where it would need a partner.
  • Giving careful consideration to the type of partner that would be the best fit for N26.
  • Thirdly, design of the end platform, in particular, the decision to have one global platform and cloud-based delivery has been key in achieving N26’s expansion goals.

N26 app screen

Pan-European expansion

Informa found that aside from being able to go to market quickly, there are certain aspects that are particularly important for these new banks like N26 in considering their approach to platform development: a flexible core platform, the ability to change and adapt quickly and have a strong customer experience.

To understand how a focussed and flexible approach helped N26 build the bank of the future, expand across European and experience accelerated growth download the Informa case study.

Source: Informa, Enterprise Case Study: How N26 Achieved Rapid Expansion With Mambu’s Cloud Banking Platform, Daniel Mayo, Chief Analyst, Financial Services Technology, October 2020