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Want to start a digital lending business? Offer a new loan product, or transition your legacy loan management to digital-first? Say hello to Mambu, the cloud banking platform powering loans for hundreds of financial providers worldwide.

Mambu gives you a cloud-native lending engine, comprehensive toolkit and connected ecosystem that enables banks, fintechs, retailers, corporates and others to build a variety of loan offerings tailored to your customer’s needs. From embedded finance and mortgages to SME lending and purchase financing. Whatever your lending goal, Mambu gets you there faster, at less effort and cost.

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The features you want, when you need them

Mambu platform

Want to be a leader in lending?

With Mambu, you’ll be fast and agile, so you can stay ahead in a changing market. Now you can:

  • Quickly launch new loan products in a matter of days vs. months or even years compared to legacy core technology providers
  • Proactively and continuously improve the products and services you offer
  • Reduce development costs and free up technical resources for other projects
  • Create, upgrade, enhance or migrate loan offerings of all types
  • SaaS model, pay as you grow

Lending made easy

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    Flexible repayments

    Loan repayments can be complicated. We keep it simple. Mambu takes the effort out of repayment terms, deadlines and interest rate calculations. You can apply fee payments, allow for grace periods or configure minimum and maximum repayment amounts, to deliver customer-matched loans.

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    Loan origination

    Our broad range of connectors, composable approach and RESTful API integration suites gives you total freedom to mix all the cloud lending software elements you need including loan origination – at high-velocity and to scale.

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    Embedded finance

    Want to embed finance into ecommerce, CRM or social? No problem. Our connectors and APIs can connect your loan products to any buying ecosystem. Now you can offer everything from buy now pay later to revolving credit, at the point of decision.

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    Customised reports & alerts

    Get instant access to the data you need, how and when you need it. Transparency, accountability and accurate insight are vital for effective loan management, compliance and auditing. Our multiple custom reporting and dashboard options ensure that key operational and performance metrics are easily identified, analysed and tracked.

Cloud technology has eliminated the need for businesses like ours to build and maintain their own systems. From the start New10 has been independent from ABN AMRO and operated like a tech company. Running on Mambu not only enables us to focus on scaling and innovation, but it also is a great cultural fit.
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Why Mambu

Use Mambu’s cloud-native lending engine to create the offerings you need for your customers. Define and maintain workflows, configure business rules and modify repayment terms. Are you ready to modernise your lending portfolio and eliminate reliance on restrictive legacy core technology providers?

Mambu platform diagram
  • composable

    Expand to new markets through scalable, low-code/no-code product configuration. Iterate and test with in-house resources and publicly available APIs to reduce development costs and connect your entire lending ecosystem.

  • cog

    Connect with best-in-class technology vendors to enable seamless, fully automated lending processes and add on services.

  • honeycomb

    We were in the cloud before it was cool. Optimise multi-cloud approaches with a choice of major cloud providers.