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We are a global team that solves big problems. Others know us as challengers, harnessing the power of disruptive technologies to transform experiences for customers. One thing is for certain, what brings us together is a passion for solving customer challenges, curiosity and a collaborative spirit. We’re making the world better for everyone. And we’re doing it together. We are growing fast across six continents, and we’re looking for people who want to make an impact.

Pioneering the human world of work.

As we grow in complexity, we increase our investment in people by creating a culture where everyone belongs. We believe in the power of innovation, which is born through embracing diverse perspectives and supporting Mambuvians to achieve their very best within and outside of work.

From our hybrid work approach to inclusive culture, we are a company that is always looking for ways to level up the employee experience.

A culture where everyone belongs.

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Mambu team collaborating

Whatever role you are looking for, if you want to join a collaborative, inclusive team of experts changing the lives of billions, this is where you belong.

Our values are an expression of who we are at Mambu. They remind us of how we’ve trailblazed our way to where we are and how we’ll continue to empower people to create delightful banking experiences.

  • Be bold and embrace challenges.

    We set ambitious goals. We are future-focused and start with big visions before bringing those back to reality.

    This is how we find creative solutions and make the impossible possible.

  • Be customer-obsessed.

    We put delightful customer experiences at the heart of all we do. We actively listen to external and internal customers to build their trust. This guides us towards the best solutions.

    This is how we deliver and innovate to delight our customers.

  • Be accountable for results.

    We do what we say. We are honest about what’s working and what’s not, and we provide solutions on how we can improve.

    This is how we excel at execution.

  • Be one Mambu.

    We align and collaborate towards a shared goal. If the goal is not clear? We ask. We find multiple solutions, make recommendations and embrace feedback.

    This is how we win together.

  • Be curious and evolve.

    We learn about customers, tech, the market, Mambu, ourselves, and we constantly evolve our impact.

    This is how we grow ourselves and our company.

  • Be yourself and embrace difference.

    We bring our authentic selves and help others understand who we are.

    This is how we are Mambu.

Meet the team.

Customer success

This team helps our customers get the most out of Mambu. They are strongly focused on fostering meaningful relationships, and making those connections last.


Key to our operations globally, this team offers insights to support efficiency and growth, and ensures the financial health of the company.


Our product team work closely with the rest of the organisation to define development priorities and ensuring that Mambu's platform is intuitive, flexible and reliable.


Commercial is responsible for expanding and growing our business globally. They are the ones to introduce prospects to the capability and productivity of our platform and services.


Our team of marketers, content creators and designers is bringing our brand to life across the globe, and work in close alignment with the sales team to drive leads and maximise growth.


Fully committed to provide all Mambuvians with the right support to advance their careers, this team aims to maintain company-wide wellbeing, and a culture of empowerment and diversity.


The driving force behind Mambu’s cloud banking platform. Being part of this group means leading Mambu to innovative breakthroughs in financial services through software development.


Our legal team are experts at providing top-notch legal advice, by supporting our business development on contractual matters and helping them navigate complex legal issues.

We make financial change happen.