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Transforming SME lending

United Kingdom

Alba Bank is a Glasgow-based challenger bank that understands the unmet challenges faced by SMEs and develops products and offerings to allow them to thrive.



Mambu's role

Cloud banking platform

Alba Bank migrated to Mambu’s cloud banking platform to manage its small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) lending services, as well as its retail and business deposits. On Mambu, Alba Bank embraces a composable approach, enhancing its agility and speed to market.

Over the last five years, over half (58 per cent) of UK SMEs have been unable to secure any or sufficient funding to cover the needs of their business, on at least one occasion, according to a report by Mambu. And 93 per cent would consider switching lenders if a competitor provided a better service.

We are delighted to work with Alba, Scotland’s newest bank. Now more than ever, the availability of finance is key to the success of all SMEs.
Nick Lawler
Market Director, Northern Europe

"Pain points for this segment need to be properly acknowledged by banks, as success rates for loan applications are 20 per cent lower than for large enterprises," says Nick Lawler, Market Director, Northern Europe at Mambu, says. “ By pivoting to Mambu, along with a growing number of neobanks in the UK, Alba is in good stead as it continues to transform this sector of banking, supporting small and medium-sized businesses to reach their potential. We look forward to working with Alba as it supports direct lending to SMEs and fuels economic growth in Scotland and the wider UK region.”

Alba Bank has successfully secured a UK banking licence, and has moved into mobilisation as it aims to support SMEs to grow and realise their potential.

At times when SMEs are being underserved by traditional lenders, speed to market is crucial - especially as SMEs are the backbone of the UK economy.
Sandeep Kadam
Chief Technology Officer

“We’re excited to be working with Mambu, and fully embrace a cloud-first approach as this will enable us to build our products quickly, and adapt to ever-changing market demands," adds Sandeep Kadam, Chief Technology Officer at Alba Bank.

By partnering with Mambu, Alba is building a bank in a digital-first, future-proof way. In addition to this, Alba can address and overcome the challenges of building products and services quickly while having access to world class partners, including Mambu.