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Accelerating global expansion


Ferratum Group wanted to rapidly expand CapitalBox (formerly Ferratum Business) to various countries with innovative new products customised to each market’s needs. The fintech pioneer needed a solution to help them grow the business, increase speed to market and integrate with existing systems. Mambu helped them transform operations to power rapid global expansion.

Customer base

2 million+



Mambu's role

Cloud banking platform

Ferratum Group faced a lengthy and painful rollout due to the inflexibility of the in-house built core banking system. They had to look externally for a composable, stable and scalable solution that could easily connect to current systems and internal analytics, and decision engines. Mambu's engine was selected due to its high flexibility, scalability and capacity to accelerate the time-to-market for Ferratum's new lending entity.

With the main objective to avoid hard-coded integrations, CapitalBox chose Mambu's composable archtitecture, which would ensure a centralised platform that wasn’t country specific and that could be easily configured.

We can quickly and efficiently address a globally underserved segment of the market with a diverse range of SME products.
Director of Business lending

Mambu brought all of CapitalBox business loan management interactions onto one accessible and composable architecture, providing them with the ability to quickly and efficiently address a globally underserved segment of the market.

Using Mambu’s cloud platform has augmented CapitalBox's existing loan processes to offer a simple application and approval process for SME borrowers accross Europe. On Mambu, Ferratum Business opened operations in seven new countries during the first three months of operations, and 10 countries over the next 12 months.