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'Hello' agile transformation.

Financial services has seen unprecedented change from all directions, from technology and legislation to user behaviour and channel preferences – all accelerated by Covid-19. So, how do you cope?

We put together this guide to help you say goodbye to outdated, slow and mismatched technology - and instead shift to a high-velocity operating model that can drive new competitive advantage.

Win the hearts of your customers, everyday.

To succeed in today's fast paced and increasingly digital financial markets, it's no longer enough to give customer-facing operations a digital make over. To stay in front, traditional financial institutions must not only think like disruptive new entrants but act like them too. Find out how.

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Shifting to a high-velocity operating model guide

The growing divide

A growing divide is emerging and the outperformers are sprinting ahead. Half of laggards are not covering the cost of their equity, while top decile performers are delivering five times more value than their peers.

These winners are playing by a new set of rules to disrupt and outcompete the status quo. And as a result, they are experiencing higher growth rates, taking market share at will, and achieving tech-like valuations.

The race to high-velocity

Higher growth rates

25% annual growth rate of fintech disruptors

Taking share at will

88% of incumbents fear business will be lost to disruptors

Tech-like valuations

$8B gain in market cap by 65 financial services outperformers

Sprint ahead.