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A successful workplace must be considerate of every aspect of the employee experience, so how to balance business and personal needs?

Since our inception, Mambu has always strived to be a forward-thinking employer. We started off by revealing new ways of doing traditional finance to our customers. Now, as we launch into a new era of working, our long-held beliefs of proactivity, longevity, evolution, questioning and appreciation are helping us shape our vision of the future of work.

While we outlined our hybrid working guidelines, we couldn’t not take into account that this past year and a half of mostly remote work has been one of our most successful as a company - we proved to ourselves that remote working can in fact work. So as the concept of office as a place for productivity has changed forever, we likely will not be returning to using it in the same way as before.

What follows are some insights on the hybrid approach to work that we’ve developed for Mambuvians and our plans for how this will help us to accelerate in the  future.

Balancing meaningful in-person time at the office with home flexibility

A finding from our organisation-wide survey reveals  that there are times when working from home is invaluable for our people. While other times  being in an office helps  connection, creativity  and collaboration. Just like in our business philosophy, we don't apply a one-size-fits-all approach to serve our customers. We want our colleagues to think of the office as a tool in their tool box. They won’t need it for everything, but when they do, it's available.

Hybrid work is more than just a choice between home and office

While no two hybrid work experiences will be the same, our values and principles to achieve our vision of a hybrid workplace are universal: trust, safety, flexibility and belonging.

Our leadership team will provide the guidance to help our teams make the right choices about how, when, and where to work while maintaining our quality standards.

Operating from home eliminates the commute stress and allows for a truly personalised office space to be created. It can still facilitate collaborative work through technology, and it promotes that all-important work-life balance. We accommodate home-working through the provision of office equipment which can be used to create a productive and comfortable work environment. Supporting the personal health and wellbeing of our Mambuvians is our number one priority. To provide more opportunities in this space, we are welcoming guest speakers and we keep on sharing weekly health and wellbeing tips on our internal communication channels.

Our offices allow for magic moments of creative breakthrough that can only happen when a team is together in person. They provide the space for deeper relationships to be forged, our culture to be shared, and the assurance of a quality workplace environment. We are doing everything we can to create a safe and healthy working environment and make sure office spaces follow guidelines on sanitisation and space, because we know we all have different levels of comfort when returning to the office. So, in order to visually represent this, we have introduced a traffic light scheme wristbands/stickers which all Mambuvians are to use when in the office (Red means” I'm not comfortable with any close contact yet. Let's keep a social distance when we chat.” and Green means “ I'm comfortable with having social interactions as before, if you are too!")

The evolution of the hybrid model is people-led

Because there’s no one-size fits all solution, we know that hybrid work is something we will have to navigate together and that it may require some experimenting in our teams and across our business to find what works best.

Having a continuous feedback loop and learning approach will guide how we’ll continue to shape our ways of working to stay relevant and impactful. The hybrid working guidelines will be dynamic, much like the situation we face, and they will be constantly iterated, refined and they will evolve, just like everything at Mambu always does.

Ultimately, we believe that our hybrid model of working will make our employees happier. It is our hope that they’ll be healthier, more productive, less stressed, and will generally enjoy greater control over their lives.

Are you looking for flexibility at work? Mambu has opportunities for hybrid work within our world-wide teams.

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