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Every International Women’s Day prompts a time to celebrate progress, honestly evaluate our journey, and chart a course for the future.

Each year at Mambu, the power to influence our industry and the world at large grows stronger.

For International Women’s Day 2024 we hosted an internal event with the Mambu team, where we asked leaders across the business for lessons learned along their professional journeys and how we can shape a more equitable workforce.

Inclusive innovation

At Mambu we’re already committed to making the world better through accessible financial services. But we must always remind ourselves that inclusion is not a mere checkbox; it's the secret sauce of innovation. Recognising inclusion as a catalyst for progress, we aim to go beyond conventional boundaries to reshape the financial landscape.

Voices heard and valued

Ellie Heath, our Interim SVP for People & Culture, shared her personal experiences as a woman in the workplace, emphasising the importance of feeling heard and valued. Acknowledging diverse perspectives, challenging the status quo, and providing flexibility are pivotal elements in building a workplace where every voice matters. Mambu recognises the significance of embracing individuality and creating an atmosphere where diverse personalities thrive.

Embracing diversity

For Semhal Tarekegn O'Gorman, our SVP of Customer Success Services, working at both large corporations and startups across tech for 20+ years, has given her a unique perspective on diversity and inclusion. She has seen women being promoted to powerful positions and also becoming stuck. The mantra of "better, better never best" resonates, emphasising that the work is never done, instead there needs to be an ongoing commitment to improve inclusivity. We can always do better.

Diversity and inclusion go hand in hand

Rashmi Sharma, our VP of Engineering highlighted the shift from mere diversity to active inclusion. Drawing parallels with the financial system, she emphasised the role of access to financial services in bridging gender gaps. Mambu acknowledges the need to address gender bias within its systems, striving towards an equal world for both women and men.

Paying it forward

As a woman leader in fintech, Rashmi highlighted the responsibility of being a role model. Paying it forward and creating opportunities for the next generation is crucial. This is why she spearheaded Mambu's initiative to host girls from a school in Amsterdam at the Mambu office, exposing them to women in tech roles, if even 1 out of 20 girls considers following a STEM path, she counts that as a win! Every girl counts.

Championing diversity in hiring

Huw Jones, our Director of Talent Development emphasised the strides to implement diverse interview panels and an unbiased feedback process to ensure fair and inclusive hiring. By challenging interviewers to consider a broader range of individuals, Mambu commits to building a workforce that reflects the diversity of its global community.


This International Women's Day, Mambu stands firm in our commitment to creating a workplace where diversity is celebrated, inclusion is practised, and innovation knows no bounds. The shared vision among Mambuvians reflects a collective effort to pave the way for positive change within the company and the broader financial services industry.

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