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We are excited to announce that we have added a new feature to our Lending Engine: the ability to switch between fixed or index interest rates and adjustable interest rates when rescheduling or refinancing loan accounts.

With this feature, our lending customers are able to offer even more flexibility to their clients, borrowers, to choose the best interest rate option depending on their financial situation and goals. Borrowers can easily switch from fixed or index interest rates to adjustable interest rates (or vice versa) when rescheduling or refinancing their loans.

Loan rescheduling and refinancing are common practices in lending, particularly mortgage lending, that offer borrowers more options and control over managing their loan accounts and repayments according to their needs and situation.

This feature is available to use in both the Mambu UI and the Mambu API and offers lenders even more flexibility when designing and managing loan products with Mambu.

This functionality is currently available in early access on request. If you are a Mambu customer and would like to request early access to this feature, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to discuss your requirements.

To learn more about loan rescheduling and refinancing visit our customer support documentation.

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Omar Paul
Omar is the SVP Product at Mambu and is an accomplished product executive known for driving business growth and leading successful organisations in the technology industry, including most recently at Amazon.
Omar Paul