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Mambu is releasing a new feature from our Cards module that will enhance the experience for our customers who use the Marqeta connector for card transaction processing.

When using a card at an ATM or retailer, there may occasionally be an unforeseen circumstance where something goes wrong. This could be due to a network timeout, low balance, invalid account status, or fraud warning, for instance.

These situations can result in a transaction being declined, even if it was initially processed successfully. This results in a discrepancy between the true account balance and the state of the transaction.

To prevent this problem, we have enhanced our Mambu-Marqeta connector which will receive a notification from Marqeta whenever a debit or credit transaction is declined. When we receive this notification, we check if the transaction has been executed and fully reverse it, restoring the correct account balances.

This feature ensures that transactions are always synchronised with the account balance making them even more reliable and secure and giving account holders confidence that their account balance is accurate and reflects reality.

To learn more about the connector visit the about the Mambu-Marqeta partner page on our website.

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Omar Paul
Omar is the SVP Product at Mambu and is an accomplished product executive known for driving business growth and leading successful organisations in the technology industry, including most recently at Amazon.
Omar Paul