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Following the update of the Mambu Payment Gateway to enable Polish domestic payments, we have now released an upgrade of the Mambu and ComplyAdvantage connector to streamline screening and risk monitoring for Polish payments.

For our Polish customers as well as those looking to expand into the Polish market who are using the Mambu and ComplyAdvantage connector, this improvement ensures that Polish payments initiated from our Payment Hub to ComplyAdvantage are seamlessly processed, with all the necessary fields correctly populated.

This enhancement ensures that all Polish transactions are thoroughly screened, helping you to comply with The Polish system of counteracting money laundering and the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT system).

Learn more about the Mambu and ComplyAdvantage connector in the Mambu marketplace.

If you would like to request early access to this connector, please get in touch with your Mambu Customer Success Manager to discuss your requirements.

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Omar Paul
Omar is the SVP Product at Mambu and is an accomplished product executive known for driving business growth and leading successful organisations in the technology industry, including most recently at Amazon.
Omar Paul