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Pairing Mambu’s cloud-native core banking infrastructure with Bitpanda’s 24/7 trading platform makes it easier for financial institutions globally to provide investment capabilities to their customers.

Bitpanda Technology Solutions, the leading European Investment-as-a-Service platform, has partnered with SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) cloud banking platform Mambu to provide financial institutions with a secure way to offer investment options to customers.

With Bitpanda’s domain expertise and Mambu’s core banking technology, banks can integrate investment solutions into their existing offerings, unlocking powerful new revenue streams and saving the time and resources required to build investment infrastructure from scratch.

More and more  European investors have already added digital assets to their investment portfolio, a trend that highlights the revenue potential for banks and fintechs that enable an in-app trading offer. Allowing customers to manage their investments from within their trusted banking platform will increase investor confidence, and allow more Europeans to take control of their finances. With this partnership, hundreds of banks and financial institutions across Europe will now be able to enhance their banking experiences.

Through the partnership, Mambu’s core infrastructure will act as the ledger across Bitpanda’s full range of asset classes,  including stocks and ETFs, crypto, precious metals and commodities, all available in a fractionated manner. Joint customers also enjoy additional investment functionalities, including custody of assets, savings plans, staking and asset-to-asset swaps.

Financial institutions today have to ask themselves how they aim to cater to the increasing demand for modern investing solutions.
Lukas Enzerdorfer-Konrad

Lukas Enzerdorfer-Konrad, CEO of Bitpanda Technology Solutions said: “Building these individually means a high startup cost and products that are often outdated before they are even launched. Simply put, institutions can’t do this themselves if they want both a fast time to market and high compliance standards. By partnering with us, they can open up new revenue streams while retaining their customers. Fully customisable, fully safe, fully secure, and fully regulated. Your design, our technology.”

By partnering with Bitpanda Technology Solutions, joint customers can weave investment capabilities into the banking experience they provide.
Scott Wilson
Regional VP EMEA

Scott Wilson, Regional VP EMEA at Mambu said: “Mambu offers a full suite of APIs that connect our cloud banking platform with third-party solutions. We share a common vision of enabling modern financial experiences through a composable banking framework, all underpinned by cloud technology. The agility and flexibility this proposition with Bitpanda provides is unmatched and a true game changer to legacy solutions on the market.”

Shared customers include N26, the European mobile bank, which leverages Bitpanda’s cutting-edge API-driven infrastructure as well as Mambu’s cloud banking platform. The combined power of Bitpanda and Mambu will serve the demand for simplified investment opportunities on a global scale.

The high standards in security, regulations and licences that are consistent across Bitpanda’s products have allowed Bitpanda Technology Solutions to seamlessly pair with Mambu’s product lineup.

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