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kennek, a connected and scalable lending infrastructure, is launching its innovative ‘lender-in-a-box’ offering on leading global cloud banking platform, Mambu.

Founded in 2021, kennek’s vertical SaaS platform bundles together the best-in-class vendors in credit scoring, open banking, data extraction - and more - into one user-friendly integrated system. By building on Mambu’s composable cloud platform, kennek can offer a highly flexible product to customers, allowing them to easily configure and add different types of loans and credit as required.

The new offering is a ‘plug & play’ credit infrastructure for alternative lenders and credit investors, designed to help them launch and run their businesses efficiently. The platform also enables customers to streamline all of their middle-office and back-office functions as well as provide structure and access to risk management tools.

Thibault Lancksweert, founder and co-CEO at kennek, said: “The financial market offers plenty of niche tech and data solutions for financial institutions and lenders. But selecting and integrating them requires both a holistic vision and a strong engineering team - which is costly and time consuming.”

Xavier De Pauw, founder and co-CEO at kennek added: “We offer a unique one-stop solution that gives any lender or credit investor, irrespective of their size, access to a professional, reliable and scalable system at an affordable price. By democratising access to an innovative bank-grade system, our partnership with Mambu has created a game-changing solution for the modern lending industry.”

Richard Morgans, General Manager UK and Ireland at Mambu, said: “Our partnership with kennek marks an important milestone for the UK's SaaS lending market. We believe this offering can revolutionise the lending experience for servicers and investors, and its successful launch is a result of collaboration, openness, commitment, and cutting-edge technology practices. We look forward to our continued work together and are committed to helping kennek reach its ambitious growth goals globally.”

With growing demand for SaaS platforms for lenders and credit investors, UK-based kennek, plans to expand into continental Europe, a €6 billion market which is doubling each year. kennek also sees opportunities in North and South America, as interest grows in these markets. Mambu's highly flexible cloud platform will help support their global ambitions.

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