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Today Mambu announced its partnership with Google Cloud to continue to grow its reach and seamlessly deliver service around the world. Mambu customers can now launch and extend banking and lending operations in more countries on its cloud agnostic platform.

The partnership allows Mambu to operate end-to-end on Google Cloud bringing its SaaS offering to a host of new financial services institutions looking to make the leap to the cloud, particularly in countries with local data residency requirements.

The entire Mambu banking platform and all services including the various banking and lending engines, process orchestrator, payment integrations, ecosystem connectors and supporting services is now available on Google Cloud. Mambu currently operates in over 50 countries offering core capabilities including current accounts, loans, deposits, mortgages and other financial products with a wide range of third-party services easily integrated into the platform. The companies began integration in February 2020 and went live in May 2020, collaborating with a customer launching a new digital bank in Asia Pacific.

“We continue to see more financial institutions looking to make the move to the cloud, and in particular, looking for a cloud native solution,”  says Ben Goldin, Mambu’s Chief Technology and Product Officer. “Cloud allows customers to innovate fast, reconfigure products and services quickly, and develop products that customers actually want. This makes them more competitive, incur lower costs and removes risk. Our partnership with Google Cloud allows us to help customers grow as we can now stay closer to those who run their operations on Google Cloud and expands their horizon in terms of countries of operation.”

“We are proud to partner with Mambu and to offer their end-to-end portfolio of digital banking and lending products natively on Google Cloud,” said Chris Arisian, Director, Partnerships at Google Cloud. “With this partnership, banks and financial services organizations can extend their digital banking services, powered by Mambu, onto Google Cloud’s global, elastic, and secure infrastructure, helping them build scalable, customer-centric banking experiences.”

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