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P.F.C. (Personal Finance Co.), a Stockholm-based fintech, announced that its customers can now take out personal loans directly in the app, extending the range of financial services it provides on Mambu’s cloud banking platform. Mambu’s rapid deployment capability enabled P.F.C. to configure the personal loan offering in only six weeks.

Backed by Svea Bank, P.F.C. helps its customers make purchases, set savings goals, split bills, track expenses, and budget. The fintech is licensed in Sweden as a payment institution and offers a personal finance app, with an accompanying debit card.

P.F.C. currently leverages Mambu’s cloud banking platform to manage its deposit and digital wallet products. The recent launch of P.F.C. 's personal loans on Mambu is a significant addition to its customers’ financial toolbox.

By downloading the app, users can apply for a loan of up to 400 000 SEK (35 300 EUR) and receive the money within one to two days, with a straightforward and flexible repayment plan. With Mambu as the core of its back-end system, P.F.C. can focus on customer innovation and instil financial self-confidence.

Charlotta Åsell, Chief Marketing Officer at P.F.C.: “Underlying all our financial products is a drive to empower our customers to make smart decisions with money. So, we launched our personal loan offering to help customers get a head start on their financial lives. In Mambu, we have not only the speed and flexibility we need to create easy to use, transparent financial products, but a trusted partner to support us as we expand.”

P.F.C. has been a customer-centric company since its inception, using technology as a business enabler. Our journey with Mambu spans a few years, and its modern, cloud-native technology has allowed us to scale with this mindset front and centre.
Charlotta Åsell
Chief Marketing Officer

From a technology perspective, P.F.C. was never tied down by legacy systems or software. The team first went live on Mambu in 2019, choosing a greenfield implementation of its modern cloud-based microservices architecture and enabling scalability, cost efficiency and speed to execute. Since then, P.F.C. has issued over 100 000 debit cards, and its app has more than one million downloads on the App Store and Google Play.

Competing in a fast-paced financial services market requires an agile cloud banking platform that grows with you. We look forward to supporting P.F.C. for years to come.
Scott Wilson
Regional VP EMEA

Scott Wilson, Regional VP EMEA at Mambu: “Starting from a cloud environment has given P.F.C. the world-class infrastructure to build great banking experiences, and the agility to launch products in weeks, rather than months or years. The composable nature of the Mambu platform allows P.F.C. to freely design its offerings, while determining which new technologies and partners they’d like to work with over time."

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