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Fintech's path to resilience.

Since the pandemic, the financial landscape has seen remarkable shifts, notably in the path toward digitalisation. Customer interactions progressed by three years, while banks' digital offerings surged by seven years, all propelled by the pandemic's impact.

Explore the article to gain insights into:

  • How recession impacts the balance between front-end and back-end innovation.
  • The role of banking ecosystems in navigating economic challenges.
  • Central Banks' response and their potential as digital challengers.
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While the causes of the upcoming recession differ significantly from the last crisis, its long-lasting impact on the financial services industry might be very similar. If so, the rise and fall of emerging fintech solutions will not only be based on the merits of a particular technology but on banks’ ability to step up and help their customers face the world’s growing challenges.
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Get the full article Fintech’s new wave: Exploring the impact of recession and the banking crisis on the path towards digitalisation and learn how the upcoming shift impacts front- vs. back-end innovation, ecosystems, and Central Banks' response in shaping a new era of financial services.

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