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Join Microsoft and Mambu for this panel discussion where we explore the growth opportunities and typical roadblocks to deploying new technologies such as generative AI.

IDC predicted that 2023 would bring a shift in the lender-borrower relationship, as consumer and small business borrowers expect convenience and immediacy in the loan application and decisioning process.

What does this look like in practice? Both traditional and fintech lenders are operating in a highly competitive market, where they must leverage cloud opportunities with artificial intelligence (AI), big data, analytics, and mobility.

In this webinar, we explore:

  • How early adopters of AI are achieving internal efficiencies in the lending journey
  • Risks to consider with AI adoption in a highly regulated environment
  • What human expertise and support is needed with an AI business model
  • Why a cloud ecosystem model must be at the core of any modern-day lender

Meet the speakers

  • Christian Becker, Technology Lead - Germany at Microsoft Global Partner Solutions

    Christian Becker, Technology Lead - Germany at Microsoft Global Partner Solutions

    Christian Becker leads the technical team of the Microsoft Partner Organization in Germany. His team works with selected partners and their customers to ensure they gain a competitive advantage through productive use of the latest Microsoft technologies. Christian has 24 years of experience in the IT industry from managing complex international system integration projects to software product development.

    He has worked for Microsoft since 2009 and has held various technical and management roles since then. Christian is an avid fan of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and is especially passionate about using technology to positively change the way we live and work.

  • Rashmi Sharma, VP of Engineering at Mambu

    Rashmi Sharma, VP of Engineering at Mambu

    Rashmi Sharma is the VP of Engineering at Mambu and is a seasoned executive with nearly 25 years of software industry experience. She has an established track record in the field of enterprise application development and delivery, with an unwavering focus on innovation.

    Prior to joining Mambu, Rashmi led numerous high-performing teams with complex projects in the Netherlands, most recently with Oracle. She is an advocate for inclusivity, diversity, and fostering an environment where people and ideas can thrive.