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Architectsof Change



Mambu’s newest podcast celebrates those that build, create and champion technology to bring about positive change in their industry, organisation, society and the world. In these change-centric discussions you’ll find hands-on advice from inspiring entrepreneurs, amazing innovators and serious up-and-comers, every two weeks on Wednesdays.

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Meaghan Johnson

Meaghan Johnson

Meaghan is a researcher, consultant and speaker. For over 10 years she has helped banks, fintechs, startups and agencies create better user experiences. A Co-Founder of 11:FS, Meaghan is a Berlin-based independent consultant who has worked with brands such as SolarisBank, Spotify, ING, Tink and KPMG. She is an Advisor at EFMA, Pacemakers, Ross Republic, and a lecturer at CFTE.

Nina Mohanty

Nina Mohanty

Nina is a recognised name across the fintech community and an advocate for better financial inclusion and literacy. Nina is the CEO and Founder of Bloom Money, which provides financial services to migrants. Previously, super-unicorn Klarna and Mastercard, and other well-known fintechs such as Starling Bank and Bud.