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15 May 2024


Sara Taify

At Mambu, innovation is our heartbeat. We're on a relentless journey to refine and perfect our cloud banking platform, empowering financial institutions worldwide to not just meet but exceed the expectations of today's customers. Dive into the latest enhancements in our platform, shining a spotlight on lending, core services and cards.


Customise fee structures to suit your needs: Introducing custom penalty fee calculations with Functions

Expanding upon the release of our first extension point for custom deposit fee calculations, we're thrilled to unveil yet another powerful addition to Mambu Functions: a core extension dedicated to bespoke loan penalty fee calculations.

Throughout the Latin American region, it's customary for financial institutions to levy loan penalty fees per-instalment, taking into account the number of days a payment is overdue. Our latest core extension in lending empowers our customers with the flexibility to craft tailored penalty fee calculations, ensuring our lending solution can align seamlessly with their unique requirements–whether it's calculating penalty fees based on overdue principal, accrued interest, account balances, custom fields, index rates, or any other parameter.

Core extensions play a pivotal role, not just in preserving the agility of our cloud banking platform, but also in delegating complex business logic to Functions, therefore enhancing overall operational efficiency within the Mambu core.

Mambu Functions is available in Early Access (EA) for customers on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Platform & Core Services

Supporting our customers’ sustainability journey with Sustainability Reports

Mambu customers can now access Sustainability Reports from their cloud providers directly in their Mambu Customer Service Portal. These reports provide visibility for each customer into the climate impact of their cloud consumption.

Through this initiative, we aim to support our customers in their sustainability journey by promoting transparency and assisting with regulatory ESG (Environmental Social Governance) reporting. Starting today, Mambu customers on dedicated cloud environments can simply log into their Customer Service Portal to view and download their report. Data from January to September 2023 is now accessible.

Enhanced Mambu UI: Now supporting Thai language

Exciting update for our Thai customers – You can now seamlessly navigate the Mambu UI in Thai by selecting it from the language menu. This addition not only enhances accessibility but also ensures a smoother experience for our Thai-speaking users, empowering them to engage with our product effortlessly in their preferred language.


Mambu and Marqeta connector enhancement: Improved card functionality for added transparency and traceability

We've bolstered the Mambu and Marqeta connector to optimise card transaction processing.

Introducing two new notifications, CARDS_BATCH_REJECTED and CARDS_NOTIFICATIONS_FAILED. These notifications offer insights into failed card events and their causes. Additionally, two custom fields have been integrated for transaction reversals, facilitating smoother tracking of original card payment transactions. These upgrades enhance the integration between Marqeta and Mambu, ensuring seamless communication between the Mambu cloud banking platform and Marqeta's card issuing platform.

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