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Mambu, being a cloud banking platform delivered in a SaaS model, follows an approach that is drastically different from traditional software offerings. Starting with the way in which we make our plans to the way we implement them and ending with how we launch and run our product, we always keep our customers in mind.

Through co-development of solutions with our customers (banks, fintechs, telcos and others) as well as with partners (strategic consultants, system integrators and technology service providers) we identify opportunities for enhancements in our platform via real-world needs, business cases and evolving architectures.

We engage in industry events both focused on business such as lending and banking, but also purely technical, related to cloud, APIs or software architecture. Ideas, trends and new patterns observed from these contribute to our product strategy and roadmap, both technically and functionally.

We also work closely with existing customers, to whom we provide support and services directly, all the way from the architectural and business strategy levels to technical and functional details. This way, they have the opportunity to contribute to our roadmap and platform development. In addition, we leverage practices such as crowdsourcing and community engagement to enable customers and prospects to express their ideas and provide their suggestions asynchronously through tools like Aha! and Mambu Community.

To enable composable architecture, Mambu was designed with integrability being the priority. There are multiple modern and lightweight integration mechanisms available supporting all spectrum of integration scenarios starting with Synchronous Request-Response RESTful API, Event-Driven Asynchronous WebHooks and FastData Near-Real Time Streaming API.

Our customers only choose and put together the components they need. They can be more of speedboats and less of cruise ships by combining best-for-purpose software from leading global technology providers allowing for changing business or market requirements quickly and efficiently.

Our software development life cycle is in line and supports this way of building our product. It is driven by the minimum viable product (MVP) approach, continuous integration and continuous delivery practices which allow us to get fast feedback, to validate the assumptions we make during the research and design stages or even to pivot our initial ideas. This continuously and iteratively shapes the capability of the platform according to the needs of prospects and customers.
And the real challenge we manage to tackle is doing this while remaining compliant with the tight regulations in our domain - doing it safely.

Speed, time to market is crucial for our customers in their highly competitive field. Digital banks rely on a short release cycle in order to keep up with constantly evolving expectations of their end-users and with the competition. This pushes us to continuously find and implement improvements in our release process, to heavily count on the speed and effectiveness of automation tools and on best-of-breed partners like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, which enable us to be fast and secure in delivering our product to our customers all over the world.

When it comes to running our software, we aim to ensure the best experience for the financial institutions who count on us for serving their customers. Operational excellence is what we’re cultivating at Mambu by defining and implementing effective processes and then measuring key indicators which allow us to analyze and continuously improve. More on the subject can be learned by reading Cultivating operational excellence at Mambu.

We exist to make banking better. We exist to empower financial institutions to rapidly deliver business value in a constantly changing market. We exist to be the driving force behind our customers as they grow. We know we cannot do this by following the long-established practices in software development because we are striving to provide complete and complex features at a high quality and with increasing speed: no compromise. This is why innovation is a must for us, and this is why we are constantly learning and improving everything we do while building, delivering and running our platform.

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Catalin Ciobanu
At Mambu, Catalin Ciobanu is an Associate Engineering Manager in the Lending Product Area, and has nine years of experience in the IT industry, working in outsourcing most of his career. In his role, Catalin is helping the engineers from his team to grow and is ensuring all the needed support to successfully deliver our product.
Catalin Ciobanu