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Accelerating your cloud journey starts here.

Our guidebook, in association with AWS, focuses on the key areas traditional banking tech leaders and c-suite executives should consider to help simplify their transition to the cloud.

From critical planning steps for successful cloud-base core banking migration to common pitfalls, this guidebook helps demystify some of the important decisions and highlights how to fast-track application transition and reduce strain on IT departments.

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cloud migration guidebook
With the right approach, partners and FS-tech, banks can safely avoid inertia, excessive costs and disconnects and navigate their way to a successful cloud migration.
The Cloud Migration Guidebook

To succeed in today’s fast-paced financial markets, it’s no longer enough for FIs to give customer-facing operations a digital makeover.

Read the full guidebook to understand how banks are choosing to migrate and gain an advantage with Mambu and AWS.

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aws and mambu cloud migration