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Mambu for neobanks

Neobanks have an enviable advantage over traditional players - no legacy. But is it enough to keep you growing and agile?

Putting the new in neobanks

The list of must-dos is long. Your customers want fresh and interesting new services. You have to drive high levels of customisation and innovation. Be super-fast, responsive and adapt to change as it happens. All while keeping infrastructure costs low. Simple!

Mambu’s ease of integration, flexibility and time to market has helped us give our customers an unrivalled, technology-driven mobile banking experience.

Innovate, don’t complicate

Streamline, simplify, and automate. Building an ecosystem of best-in-class players to enrich your offering, leaving more of your investment free for acquisition and growth.

You bring the ideas. We bring the enabling platform and plug-and-play ecosystem.

  • Banking for good

    Banking for good

    Want to be a 100% mobile bank that is a brand customers identify with. Whether it is green banking or a sustainability driver, align with consumers sentiment for fairer practices and social inclusion.

  • Gig workers

    Gig workers

    Create offerings for customers with different sources of income; entrepreneurs with big ideas; junior investors with grown-up ambition. Give gig workers access to the best financial services - a totally new segment to explore.

  • Daily crypto

    Daily crypto

    Ease customers into next-generation services - in the form of  a crypto bank for daily banking. Deposit, save, monitor and pend the value of your crypto currency without having to sell it. Blend the old and the new.

Stand out from the crowd

Why limit the experiences you offer, when we can help you reach customers with unmet needs? Be the brand customers identify with, ease customers into next-generation services and be more inclusive.

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