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10Clouds is a software house with a mission - to help its clients and partners create digital products which change the world. In the FinTech sphere, we aim to build an outstanding user experience to support onboarding, to improve KYC capabilities and to help bring modern banking fully into the digital era.

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We’re 10Clouds, named as one of the Fastest Growing Technology Companies in Central Europe by Deloitte and Financial Times.

Our mission is to become a top international design and development company that helps its clients change the world through technology.

We have a team of 130+ experienced developers and designers and provide a wide range of services related to digital product development and design. In our work, we use different technologies, including blockchain, machine learning and data science in order to address the business needs of our customers.

We’ve won a number of awards for our work and have worked for a huge range of global clients, from start-ups to large corporations such as Pinterest, Baidu and Orange.

Our culture and values - We aim to fuse logic and empathy, using both of these ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills to deliver the very best solutions. We also take extreme ownership for our work, setting aside blame, and using our collective skills to produce outcomes.We place a big onus on developing our people who are the lifeblood of our success.

Integration with Mambu BV: We’re very excited to announce our cooperation with Mambu, the SaaS banking platform which is leading the FinTech revolution.

Our aim is to provide the latest cutting-edge FinTech solutions to banks and fintechs in Poland, Central Eastern Europe and beyond, and we know that partnering with Mambu will ultimately support us in this goal.

Establishing or moving your core banking system to Cloud changes the banking dynamic - it enables agility. A cloud core, also referred to as a cloud banking platform, is flexible by its very nature - fast, capable of dynamic change and scalable. This enables our clients to create modern customer experiences or even brand new financial ventures, constantly evolving in the fintech era. Mambu is the cloud platform for composable banking.

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