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Innovate technology enables Banks, Financial Operators, Merchants and Fintech to configure and deploy faster +400 digital financial services including payments, collection, purchases and cash management services.

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The industry leading digital financial services and payment platform enabling traditional and digital Banking and Non-Banking organizations to leverage the flexibility of +400 fully configured, localized and revenue ready Digital Financial Services for accelerated time to market.

Adaptor PTS Platform is the 2Innovate Payment Engine and Transaction Broker for enable and processing Digital Financial Services in a SaaS offer, ready to use and full API oriented.

Adaptor PTS include Payments, Collection and complete Cash Management content exposed as Digital Financial Services.

  • SaaS: Full SaaS model, allowing complete delivery of Digital Financial Services as a service.
  • Flexibility: End to End configuration with no development required
  • Best of Breed: Microservices architecture for resource optimization
  • Localization: Out of the box adapted for unique market requirements

Adaptor PTS Platform takes Mambu to the next level easily integrating it to any other transactional service. Allowing the best time to market for new Digital Financial Services, ease of use and localized with principal payment players, service aggregator and ACH at LATAM. It allows transactional process been configured by business rules and transactions orchestration. With decoupled and elastic architecture, 100% SaaS, low code specification and full API.

2Innovate powers customers like Santander, Sabadell Mexico and BANRED Ecuador.

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