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Credit Risk Connection provides decision management solutions, including software, analytics and credit risk strategy consulting and training. Our decision management software, ADEPT™ Decisions, provides SaaS based decision automation technology, with integrated predictive analytics for the financial services and telco industries.\n\nWe have 25+ years’ experience working with consumer and SME organisations and provide decision engine solutions and support to clients in South East Asia Middle East Africa (SEAMEA) through our wide range of locations across the region.\n\nWe ensure that your organisation’s credit risk decisioning strategies are supported by specialist consulting, training, analytics and software to optimise your business performance.

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The ADEPT™ Decisions Platform is offered as a cloud based, Software as a Service (SaaS) decision management system. ADEPT™ Decisions is configured to cover the entire credit life cycle, from prospecting for new accounts to managing new applications, controlling existing customers and maximising recoveries from written-off accounts.

ADEPT™ Decisions is designed to enhance and streamline the digitisation journey of credit providers, by providing access to real-time credit decisioning on applications that are originated through the web or mobile, as well as traditional channels.

Due to the modular design of the ADEPT™ Decisions Platform, clients can implement the various modules in a phased process, which best fits with your business requirements. This enables ADEPT™ Decisions to support clients over time, as requirements change and decisioning is required across the entire customer life cycle. The philosophy of ADEPT™ Decisions is to grow with the organisation in the form of rapid deployments which address key objectives and quick wins as the organisation evolves its credit strategies.

ADEPT™ Decisions combines highly flexible decisioning software and scoring technology, with data from multiple sources including credit bureau data, application data and alternative data sources, to run best-practice champion/challenger strategies that will continually test for and maximise the profits of our client portfolios.

ADEPT™ Decisions has been designed by industry experts, with a wealth of international credit risk, collections and marketing experience. The system is highly flexible, enabling clients to rapidly implement any business-specific functionality which may be required.

ADEPT™ Decisions has been designed from both best practice technology and credit risk perspectives and a whole host of unique features have been incorporated into the system, which are not available elsewhere.

ADEPT™ Decisions has been developed from the ground up to empower the credit risk manager, and to put them in the driving seat of all credit risk decisioning. Once implemented, there is minimal requirement for support from either the vendor (CRC) or an internal IT department. Strategies can be designed, tested and deployed rapidly, and without the IT department’s intervention.

What makes the ADEPT™ Decisions Platform unique is that it covers the entire credit life cycle. This all occurs within a champion/challenger testing environment, hosted in the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud.

Unique Features:

  • Cloud based software provides a cost-effective solution
  • Core ADEPT™ decision engine with 15+ years of continuous development
  • User friendly web-based interfaces and pre-configured best practice decisioning flows
  • Rapid deployment using a phased approach
  • Modular strategy design with champion/challenger (A/B) testing
  • Changes occur in real time and can be deployed to production at the touch of a button
  • Provides the basis for the effective digitalisation journey of organisations worldwide
  • Pre-integrated with widely used alternative mobile data sources
  • Ability to implement best-of-breed Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models and use them effectively
  • Operational reporting to meet the credit risk team’s ongoing needs
  • Depersonalisation of stored data ensures compliance with local regulations

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