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Asteria Smart Cash Flow is an add on to online bank that service small business clients. Clients get a cash flow overview with smart analytics and possibility to manage cash flow, see liquidity need, plan scenarios, adding ERP data, and apply for credits.

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Asteria started with the purpose of enabling small companies to leverage the power of technology and banking to grow – like enterprises do.

Our journey has taken us to working with some of the biggest banks and Consulting firms in Europe. Today we are proud of our partnership with Swedbank, we are rolling out Asteria Smart Cash Flow white labelled to 400 000 Swedbank clients in Sweden.

Our users are small companies and they get a digital cash flow manager. They can see their cash flow and know in which direction their cash flow is going. We help them improve cash flow with recommendations and bank services.

Small companies need a clear user interface to feel that they get a good user experience. That’s an Asteria specialty.

We have a partner approach with banks to reach out to small companies. Our solution is embedded in online bank and white labelled. Together with Mambu we share the vision to provide next generation banking and will jointly offer services to our network.

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