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BankBI is the engine room powering financial performance, decision-making, and risk management. BankBI's software enables CFOs and finance departments to deliver accurate, timely answers to all stakeholders.

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Through BankBI integration, Mambu's customers get access to reporting and analytics applications working out-of-the-box in a short period of time. Essentially, instead of spending time, effort and costs building an analytics platform, customers are able to simply subscribe to analytics.

BankBI helps CEO’s and CFO’s to automate their financial reporting whilst removing their reliance upon Excel spreadsheets. BankBI does this by putting daily analytics into the hands of decision makers enabling them to track loan sales by branch and loan officer vs. their targets, analyse risk vis PAR reports, produce customer analytics and deliver daily balance sheet and income statements to finance departments.

This is achieved by using pre-built software applications so that the customers don’t have to build it. BankBI services more than 60 clients in over 40 countries in North America, Central America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Key benefits:

  • Quick return on investment.
  • Fast time to value.
  • Automated software updates.
  • Collaborative software roadmap.
  • Simple user onboarding and training.

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