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Flexible, international payments software. Helping banks, fintech’s and remittance providers move money globally.




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Cymonz offers a highly scalable and configurable international payments and currency exchange platform, that can be quickly provisioned by banks as a standalone service or deeply integrated into the Mambu core, streamlining customer experience and delivering cost-effective self-service outcomes.

Cymonz is agnostic when it comes to FX & Payments and customers have the ability to leverage the most cost effective and fastest payment rail for specific corridors.

Cymonz, a highly configurable international payments solution, allows those utilising the Mambu Core system the ability to digitilise and automate international payments. Cymonz enables a superior end customer experience through the use of multiple FX & Payment providers and a either a self-service customer white label or access to simple APIs. Banks utilising Cymonz are able to reduce operational and regulatory risk through processing, compliance and reporting modules and extend the corridors they can reach through our agnostic approach to our constantly growing FX and payment partners integrations.

  • End to End International Payments Tech Stack covering everything from customer onboarding, risk, FX conversion, payments and compliance.
  • White Label Customer Facing Front End or integrate our APIs.
  • Configurable for simple remittance payments or more complex business payments including forward contracts, limit orders and virtual currency accounts. .
  • Maximise straight through processing when it comes to FX, Payments, Compliance and Settlements.
  • Cymonz is FX & Payments Agnostic. Leverage Cymonz pre integrated FX & Payments Partners, or Cymonz can integrate with your partners.

The Mambu & Cymonz partnership allows customers to launch or upgrade their international payments offering while reducing processing costs and extending their product range.

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